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Should I remove my photographs from old albums?

Good Morning World, it kinds of reminds me of the Robin Williams movie where he was a radio announcer and opens with “GOOD MORNING Vietnam” and the “I love the smell of Napalm in the morning” comments.  I think they were metaphors for a hectic lifestyle. Well it’s kind of been one of those mornings. We have been very busy and the phone has been ringing off the hook, this is good of course. We have two potential photo archrival jobs, yep. We’re talking thousands of pictures. So this gave me this inspiration for my Blog today..

 Should I remove my photographs from old albums?



Don’t rush to remove photographs from albums just because you think the album is not “archival”. Many older albums with black, gray or colored paper actually may not be harming your photographs while removal may cause immediate damage that is not easily repaired! In addition, older family heirloom albums frequently have valuable inscriptions and a character all their own that would be lost by replacement with a modern album. People sometimes erroneously assume that damage they see is caused by the paper when in fact the damage occurred years ago. For example, stains and fading (especially on black-and-white photos) can be the result of poor processing by the photographer or the glues originally used to spot adhere the photos to the pages. Very little can be done to reverse the damage in these situations. However, some album page papers, even different types of photos or poorly processed photos, or previous tape mends which are in contact with photos on adjacent pages, may be contributing to fading or staining. One simple solution is to interleave those pages with these problems using high quality paper or plastic sheets to isolate each page from its neighbor. Care should be taken so that the album doesn’t become overstuffed with the interleaving, possibly breaking the binding. If the photos really are deteriorating and you choose to have the album disassembled to ensure their preservation, photocopies in color or black-and-white can be made of each page to capture the look and feel of the original, preserve all inscriptions, and keep a record of the order in the album.


Video transfer to DVD

Well, today I thought I would talk to you about the importance of transfering your old VHS or other media to DVD. I live in a part of the country were weather can play nasty games with us. I have had many families call me after a distor hit, wanting to know if we could repair the water damage or torn tapes. Well the answer is yes we can, but once a tape is damaged you can never repair it to its original form. But if you bring in your tapes BEFORE something happens to them, them you get the same footage that you shoot on the day it happened. It really does not cost that much to protect YOUR history and memories. You pay 20 or more for a movie at the store, why not pay that much for your own creations. Just give it a thought!


Here is a video of a young ladies birthday video!!! What a wonderful way to make  your special little on feel special them with a customized photokeep sake … Thats all about them! Come watch the video

VHS Transfer Part2

Do you have a bunch of old VHS tapes sitting around your attic??? Or maybe they are the minis that play from a camcorder??? Ever thought of putting them to dvd so you can enjoy them when ever you want?  Well thats what we at Home video studio in Byram are working on this week. Everything from mini dvd to vhs tapes of weddings. I love to sit back and watch the memories crawl across my screen. I have thought, there is no better way to make a living then being able to perserve history. And that is what we are doing, cpaturing your memories, your HISTORY, and making them last forever. Your great grand children will be able to sit around with their children  and see how their family was formed, molded. See the history that is THEIR family. Maybe see a family resembilnce in a old cousin, or see that family herlom that sits on the mantle, being given as a gift to their grandmother. See how their parents fell in love. What a wonderful gift to give your future….. Their past.

With Christmas just around the corner I have a GREAT idea for a gift!!1

With Christmas just around the corner, what a wonderful way to give a gift that keeps on going ….. A dvd of you reading your family a bed time story. One they can watch when every they wish. Its so great to be able to have those “Memory making moments” even when you are far away. Watch this one of Roy wilson aka Poppy reading ” Guess how much I love you” to his grandkids in Virginia. … I Hope you enjoy

Vacation Photos tuned in to Priceless Video.

We it is a start to a wonderful week. Her at Home Video Studio’s in Byram MS we were asked to take some pictures from a vacation. The family did not want just another boring slide show, They wanted their family and friends to be wowed by thier advenrture not put to sleep. LOL I thought this  was a great idea. So HVS took thier great pics and added music and titles and made it all kinds of fun. Why not go check out the Video in Youtube. Or you can find it by its name. “Never a boring slide show” Thanks everyone!!!


Video Transfer

Wow!! With it being so hot out side, I love it when a customer brings me old tapes of christmas and holidays.  It brings great memories and helps me look forward to the cool weather that will be coming soon. With our software we can transfer everything VHS tapes to 8 mm film. I think it is so nice to be able to keep these memories around for everyone to share.