Video Services for everyone!!


Home Video Studio is nested in a quiet subdivision in Byram Mississippi. The clam exterior of our home is in no way indicative of the high-tech business that is churning away inside our home. Our slogan is that we offer “Video services for everyone.  Whether you realize it or not, you probably need our service. However, you might not realize you needed us until you try to put together a photo scrapbook and find you have a photos on an old computer system or stuck on a camera card. You might want still photos made from a VCR tape, or you might want that whole bunch of stuff put on a DVD. We specialize in doing that, and more. Our bread and butter business is video tape conversion to DVD.  We also specialize in Photo Keepsakes, a  DVDs where we scan photos, add music, edit video, develop covers to the video and add special effects. Sumer-time brings class reunions season, and classes have come to us  for their reunion DVDs, complete with class songs, photographs, and other video mementoes.  We also do  video productions for use on Facebook or YouTube social media. People can put the videos on their Facebook page and share with family members or friends or anybody. We can makes wedding videos –before, during, or after-the-fact DVDs. We had a young man come to our studio to get his wedding video converted to DVD. His camera was stolen from his truck and he want to convert the tape for a surprise Christmas gift for his wife. Unfortunately, he was the one with the surprise. the tape he had was of the reception, the wedding video was in the camera when it was stolen.  After a few minutes of panic, I noticed on the video that there were several individual taking pictures.  I had him get me all the pictures he could muster from the wedding. With the pictures and their special song, I stitched the pictures into a photo Keepsake, added it to the video of the reception, and he had his special christmas gift. We also get requested for video camera interviews. For examples, when an elderly person is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, they want a record their story on video while their memories of the events are still fresh in their minds.  Sometimes a person chooses to come to our studio where we can conduct a one-on-one video interview. We are equipped and trained to design and print the sleeve for a DVD’s packaging or custom print the cover on your DVD.




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