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HVS Top Five Vacation Video Tips

Summer vacation is such a great time to shoot video of your family. Here are five tips to make your family memories the best!

#5 – Shoot lots of candid video
You don’t have to herd everyone into a group shot while they wave and say “cheese”! Much more interesting is shooting candid videos of your subjects living real life.

#4 – Get plenty of footage to edit
Your video camera is not a still camera. Keep it rolling for a while rather than just getting small snippets. You never know what someone might say or do that will make your scene.

#3 – Let the scenery speak for itself
Don’t forget to establish the setting. Let the scenery be the star of your video once in a while as well.

#2 – Use video shorthand to document moments
This is where you can really get creative. Instead of your subject saying, “We’re in the hotel room because it’s raining” you might show rain dripping off the roof. Instead of saying (off camera) “Boy, it’s sure hot today!” show a quick moment of a man with his shirt wrapped around his head, or a bottle sweating in the sun.

#1 – Make it fun
Family videos are about fun and precious memories that will be enjoyed for years. If your subjects are having fun it will be fun to watch


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