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VHS Transfer Part2

Do you have a bunch of old VHS tapes sitting around your attic??? Or maybe they are the minis that play from a camcorder??? Ever thought of putting them to dvd so you can enjoy them when ever you want?  Well thats what we at Home video studio in Byram are working on this week. Everything from mini dvd to vhs tapes of weddings. I love to sit back and watch the memories crawl across my screen. I have thought, there is no better way to make a living then being able to perserve history. And that is what we are doing, cpaturing your memories, your HISTORY, and making them last forever. Your great grand children will be able to sit around with their children  and see how their family was formed, molded. See the history that is THEIR family. Maybe see a family resembilnce in a old cousin, or see that family herlom that sits on the mantle, being given as a gift to their grandmother. See how their parents fell in love. What a wonderful gift to give your future….. Their past.


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