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VHS Transfer to DVD

Hi, I  am Melonie and will be your guide through the world of transfers. I work for a company called Home Video Studios in Byram MS. We work in video production. I did not know what all that intailed until I really started getting into the “Meat” of the business.  We help families memories capture an era of days gone by in America.  Wouldn’t it be great to share these images with others before they disappear all together?” These is what we are working are right now. I have a genlteman, we will call him “Joe”.  “Joe” asked if we could take a few old VHS tapes and put them to DVD. Sounds boring right? Well, I thought so too.  But as I started to watch the VHS’s, a whole new world opened up. The shades of blacks, and greys flowed from the screen.  A young couple standing in the June sun, a new bride who was stunning, yet shy. You could almost feel the Summer air or smell the roses she held. This was not just a “Tape”. This was a story, Not a Hollywood movie written to capture an audeance for a few hours, this was a story written in time, meant to capture the hearts and minds of family. To tell of history, make her grand-daughters see what she saw, have her Story told for generations to come. A story that might have been lost in with the sands of time. How cool is that! It was a pleasure to be apart of one family’s preservation of their history or in this cause “Her”Story.


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